I work in Digital Design & Professional Services for one of the large Consultancy companies. My specialty is the design of transformational work for large corporate and Government entities. I have 20 years experience in the digital space with a focus on Experience Design and Design Realisation.

This is my personal blog showcasing my own projects. I have been 3d modelling since the advent of the Amiga 500.

You can find my professional profile here;

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  1. Adrien Papeians says:

    Dear Mister Halligan,

    We are an audiovisual production company based in Brussels, Belgium. Within the framework of a corporate clip (internal use only), we are currently looking for a 3D Model of a Ferrari 275 GTB convertible. I’ve just found this model on your website:

    We would like to animate your 3D model (using Cinema4D) and would therefore need the original 3D file/composition in one of the following formats: BOJ, DXF, FBX…

    Would you be so kind to let me know if we could make use of your 3D model and under which conditions?

    Many thanks in advance for your swift reply.

    Best Regards,

    Adrien Papeians

    1. rodhalligan says:

      Hi Adrien – thank you for your interest but I only model for my own use. All the best. – Rod

      btw Humster3d or Squir – not sure which one, do have a good 275GTB model available that is a relatively easy conversion to a NART Spyder for a modeller

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