A New Renderer

After years of stuffing around with different renderers, including VRay, MentlRay and Maxwell I have finally settled on Keyshot. On a Mac using Maya, for what I want to do it seems ideal.

Above are some very early materials test. Early days and a long way to go, but Keyshot with it’s new Materials Graph looks very promising.

The mesh is my old 375Plus Ferrari and I still need complete it and repair some poorly formed parts. There are no texture maps, all parts are modelled including the instrument dials.


Ferrari 375 update

I am finally getting back into modelling and for a while will be concentrating on 3 projects. The Ferrari 375 has been annoying me for a while in that I have never been happy with the underlying mesh – so I have gone back and fixed the issues. The intention is to do each of the variations of the “Plus”, including the longer nose model that Bonhams recently sold. (reference image below)

I am also going to be detailing the Ferrari Transporter, fixing that mesh as well, and doing new versions of the 34 Ford.






3d Model – Ferrari 375 Plus – 1954 Carrera Pan Americana

This version of the 375 was my first attempt at complex UV Mapping. Curved text and logos over curved surfaces.


3d Model – Ferrari 375 Plus – Headlight Detail


3d Model – Ferrari 375 Plus – Cockpit and Dash detail

I prefer to model detail rather than use texture mapping – I know it’s a bit of overkill, but the mesh looks so much better.


3d Model – Ferrari 375 Plus

This was my first poly model in Max. I kept the initial poly outline (below) and now use it as a buck. So far I have used it for a 750 Monza and a Cobra.