A New Renderer

After years of stuffing around with different renderers, including VRay, MentlRay and Maxwell I have finally settled on Keyshot. On a Mac using Maya, for what I want to do it seems ideal.

Above are some very early materials test. Early days and a long way to go, but Keyshot with it’s new Materials Graph looks very promising.

The mesh is my old 375Plus Ferrari and I still need complete it and repair some poorly formed parts. There are no texture maps, all parts are modelled including the instrument dials.


A change of direction



After a fair bit of neglect I am re-visiting my blog and changing the direction of my personal project time. As per my last post I was going to concentrate on accurate modelling of existing designs and photo-realism in 3d rendering. I am still going to focus on the later but am going to forget the existing design bit and put more focus on my original designs.

Back in 2008 I designed the “Generic GT” to be used for News Ltd’s CarsGuide Car of the Year announcements, the purpose being to have a form to put a cloth simulation over that couldn’t be identified as any specific car and used for promotional images leading up to the announcement. Given that it was just the general form I was after I didn’t detail it out – I am now going to do that to a level where you can not tell if it is real or not – hopefully.

Also I have now decided to use this design as the base for my own learnings in Unity3d, VR and 3d printing. This all has some relevance to my profession – details of which can be found in the “About” link. I have been dabbling with Unity since v3 and recently have been doing a lot of tutorials for v5. With the latest improvements and direction in Global Illumination, it has got me inspired again.

The tasks I have set myself over the next year;
• Detail the design including interior, engine and running gear.
• Build a web based “Configurator” in Unity3d (Porsche use it for theirs)
• 3dPrint a high resolution, low detail version of the 3d model for use in a VR solution.
• Again in Unity make the model drivable through a simple stylised track to show gamification possibilities.

3d Model – Formula 1 Air Racers

This was my first attempt at 3d modelling. I modelled these in Infini-d (or whatever it was called before that). sometime in the late eighties. I used bezier splines and remember that the splines used to get into knots for no apparent reason.

I did a quite complex animation of the three planes taking off, racing around a set of pylons and landing. Obviously at the time it was all key-framed.